• Membership Benefits

  • 15 reasons to join:

    1. Connect and build relationships with fellow veterans.
    2. Support veterans through community service.
    3. Be a part of a network of veteran business owners and operators.
    4. Stay informed of issues affecting veteran business owners and operators.
    5. Be a vital part of the greater Rochester Area veteran community.
    6. Promote and expose your business to a target audience.
    7. Get involved with a highly-focused and structured organization.
    8. Participate in a wide variety of veteran-oriented disciplines.
    9. Exercise opportunities to lead.
    10. Develop professionally.
    11. Tap into a Veteran Business “think tank” and resources to improve and grow your business.
    12. Facilitate veteran hiring and employment.
    13. List your business in our Veteran Business Directory.
    14. Enjoy our monthly networking luncheons.
    15. Gain member discount for VBC events.